Monday, April 12, 2010

Moments In Time

This blog is about the journey; your journey, my journey, and in potential, everyone's journey.

The journey begins with a recognition that living a life is much more than just going through an endless series of events and of days, one after another.

It starts with a recognition that there are themes that repeat. When we take the time to look and feel we note that those themes, and the clustering of events which constellate around them, stand out. They have a way of summoning our attention. They seem more important.

It starts with an awareness that much of what we think about is repetitive and that that type of thinking creates a thought bubble. The thought bubble helps us to organize and retrieve those parts and experiences which maintain a sense of self and other. At some point there is a recognition that the bubble is no longer really serving us well, and that it is time to move on.

It starts with a recognition that there is another part which helps to pick out some of the experiences that we have had and that helps us to create a story. At the most basic of levels it is an example of how we all search for patterns. The story is an anchor to our experience and an example of pattern recognition. That awareness hints at an even further story which wants to be told. The part of us that keeps track of those experiences, and the stories which we tell ourselves, and others, is the narrator.

It starts with an awareness that there is the random and there is the purposive.

And it starts with an awareness that when we need to step out of that thought and experience bubble, that we have an option of stepping into a circle which has much more potential.


I've been puzzling as to how to start this blog. The posting above is an attempt to jump right into it by beginning. I realize that it is reflective of the 500 foot perspective and even at that is way too compact.

I expect that I will be spending the next 15 years trying to make it less dense. For now, however, it begins.

Stay tuned and please join me in learning about the journey and by sharing as you feel comfortable.